Justin Cartwright remembers John Updike and the small town world of ‘Rabbit’ Angstrom • Maggie Fergusson  finds romance in Broadmoor • Richard Mabey cultivates his library • Frances Wilson describes the one book she’d never lend . . .

‘Quietly handsome editions – the sort of titles that readers, once they know them, not only enjoy but come to love’ Boyd Tonkin, Independent

‘A heartfelt celebration of writing that has stood the test of time’ Telegraph

‘An inspired gift for a hungry reader’ Telegraph

Do you carry elderly Penguins in your pockets?

Do you linger in the book sections of charity shops?
Do you panic if you find yourself on a journey with nothing to read?

If so, we think you’ll enjoy Slightly Foxed, the companionable quarterly magazine that’s all about discovering good books and the pleasure of reading. Eclectic, elegant and entertaining, Slightly Foxed is a quarterly magazine for non-conformists, for people who don’t want to read only what the big publishers are hyping and the newspapers are reviewing. There are thousands of good books in print that are never mentioned in the literary pages, but most people have no way of knowing what they are or which ones may appeal to them. Slightly Foxed fills this gap, introducing, or reintroducing, its readers to all those wonderful books that languish on publishers’ backlists but have too often disappeared from bookshops, and to interesting books published by small presses that rarely get reviewed or stocked by the chain bookshops.

Our contributors are both established writers and people from other fields who share their passion for particular books and authors. They write about interesting new books that have been overlooked, books that have been neglected or forgotten, books that have in one way or another contributed to their own development, books to which they return for pleasure, comfort or escape. Coming up, there’ll be pieces on authors as diverse as Jonathan Coe, Wilkie Collins, R. F. Delderfield, Patrick McGrath, Olivia Manning, Gavin Maxwell, J. B. Priestley, Jean Rhys, Leo Tolstoy, John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Keith Waterhouse, Evelyn Waugh and Virginia Woolf, as well as forgotten or unusual names you’re unlikely to have come across.

Slightly Foxed is about discovery and the sheer enjoyment of reading, a wonderful bran-tub of personal experiences you’re invited to share. It’s a pleasure to hold and to look at too, printed on fine cream paper, with black and white illustrations throughout, and bound in a neat A5 format by our Yorkshire craftsmen printers. To most of our readers it’s more than just a magazine, it’s an introduction to a circle of like-minded people for whom reading is an essential part of life. Why not join us, and enjoy some excellent company too?

20150810150140 A green lane, Exmoor


Most Slightly Foxed readers, we suspect, have some irritating gaps on their bookshelves left by favourite titles lent and never returned. A personal bookplate is an elegant and practical way of solving the problem and gives the book itself a special interest, identity and provenance. But commissioning an original bookplate is costly, and with this in mind, we’re offering readers the opportunity to acquire a personalized yet affordable bookplate featuring a wood-engraving by one of our favourite engravers, Howard Phipps. More . . .

20150810143158 The House of Elrig

The House of Elrig

New this autumn: Slightly Foxed Edition No. 31

The writer and naturalist Gavin Maxwell is best known for Ring of Bright Water, his moving account of raising otters on the remote west coast of Scotland – undoubtedly one of the greatest nature books ever written. In his childhood memoir The House of Elrig he describes, with the same lyrical power that made that earlier book a classic, how it all began. More . . .

20150810142812 SFC-escape-france

Escape from France

New this autumn in the Slightly Foxed Cubs series.

With news of the revolution in France, the Careys are anxious about the fate of their relatives, the aristocratic d’Assailly family. Young Richard Carey, still a Cambridge student but already an outstanding swordsman, is sent secretly by his father Lord Aubigny on a mercy mission to bring them back to England. More . . .

20150810142140 Nicholas Carey

Nicholas Carey

New this autumn in the Slightly Foxed Cubs series.

It is 1853, and on holiday in Italy, Captain Nicholas Carey is persuaded by his impulsive cousin Andrew to help three Italian revolutionaries avoid capture and escape the Papal States. After returning to England, Nicholas runs his cousin to earth in Paris, where he is still involved with the revolutionaries, and the two foil an assassination attempt on the Emperor, Napoleon III. More . . .

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