An index to all published issues of Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader’s Quarterly magazine


* Please start scrolling down the page, and an alphabet navigation bar will appear

* The search accepts author name or contributor name only. Once you select an author or contributor from your search results, you will be able to see which of their titles have been covered in the magazine

* The numbers in square brackets refer to the issue of the quarterly in which the article appears. The unbracketed numbers refer to the starting page of the article

i.e. For the entry: Morris, Jan | the Pax Britannica trilogy, [12] 38; this indicates that an article featuring these books appears in Slightly Foxed Issue 12 on page 38

* For entries in multiple issues of the quarterly, the occurrences are separated by semi-colons

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On this page: Pym, Barbara – Pym, Barbara

On this page: Pym, Barbara – Pym, Barbara