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Armchair Adventures

In the last few months we’ve been travelling all over the country, laden with books and filled with enthusiasm as we made appearances everywhere from Shropshire to Soho. It’s been wonderful, as always, to meet some of our readers, and now that we’ve packed away our travel cases we’re looking forward to seeing some of you in Bloomsbury at the Readers’ Day in November.

Until then, as the north winds begin to roll in and the last heat from the summer sun fades, it’s undoubtedly time to hunker down with a book, or three. This month we can recommend the first clutch of our Slightly Foxed Cubs: Ronald Welch’s Carey novels, which make for gripping armchair adventures.

There are offerings, too, from both V. S. Pritchett and Christabel Bielenberg, whose The Past Is Myself got a rather good review in The Times recently. And for those of you who are already looking ahead to – dare we mention it? ‒ Christmas, can we draw your attention to our handsome 10th anniversary wall calendar, with a selection of our favourite covers to brighten up the year ahead? There’s also the full spread of SF mugs, cards and tea towels for those in search of other present ideas – and for those who have everything, we’ve discovered a wonderful website full of bookish ideas. More details below. First, though, an outing with the Cubs . . .

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