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‘I don’t believe I’ve ever read a more eclectic magazine than Slightly Foxed – articles from the 14th Britannica via C. P. Snow to Rex Stout. If I can resist the bibliography at the end before I begin to read an article, it can be like taking a chocolate from a box blindfold.’ – M. Bond, Barry

From Readers

13th October 2014

‘It’s a happy day every quarter when SF falls through the letterbox . . .’

‘It was a fortunate day when I came across a copy of the third edition of Slightly Foxed in Blackwell’s Charing Cross Road . . . yet with its suggestions for further reading, it is yet another excuse for me to buy yet more books. The floors of this house groan with the weight of them, and the walls will soon buckle. However, as you all realise, once the pleasurable addiction has been acquired it’s not very easy to get rid of. Even if one wanted to. So, it’s a happy day every quarter when the latest edition of SF falls through the letterbox.’
- M. Harvey, Blackpool
From readers

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