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Christian Tyler is a former staff writer for the Financial Times of London and has reported on industry, politics and international trade. He has travelled widely in China and his book, Wild West China,The Taming of Xinjiang, was published in 2004.

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  1. Yangyi Negiz says:

    Dear Christian, I read your book of Wild West of China, loved your description of the geographical feature of the region. Also, watched your video talk about the wei wu er ethnic group, the one lasted about 40 minutes. You dig deep in to the issue. Hope you are not barred from visiting China. Did you also write a short book on music? How about write to me through my email which I passed to the website? Any plan to visit China in 2019? Hope we can have direct conversation through emails. Hope you and yours are healthy and happy. My best wishes! YY

    • Slightly Foxed says:

      Hello Yangyi, many thanks for your comment. We’re so pleased that you enjoyed Christian’s book, and will pass on your message to him. Best wishes, Olivia

  2. Yangyi Negiz says:

    Would you let me know how to write to Christian Tyler directly regarding his book, Wild West of China, the Taming of Xinjiang? Thank you in advance for your help!

  3. Michael L. Chyet says:

    Dear Mr. Tyler- I am a cataloger at the Library of Congress. In our database, it appears that we have more than one Christian Tyler; in order to break the conflict, I would like to have your birth year and/or middle initial, so that I can create a distinctive heading for you, as author of “Wild West China”. The author of “Figure in the landscape” is a different person, correct?

  4. Fabio Hurtado says:


    I know I am late to the dance, but i just read Christian Tyler’s essay and the footnote. If he is still working on the political dissidents book, I’d love to chat with him about dissidents, poets, and journalists in Cuba, among which my father, Rogelio Fabio Hurtado, is one. Hoping you can still forward this message to Christian.


    • Slightly Foxed says:

      Dear Fabio, Thank you very much for getting in touch. I have passed on your message to Christian. Best wishes, Anna

  5. Ian Hancock says:

    Dear Christian Tyler, Thank you for your review of Doctor Zhivago. A footnote said that you are currently researching a book on political dissidents. I have a small library of about 100 books on the Soviet Union dealing with that subject, mostly out of print, which I am seeking to dispose of. It would be a shame if the collection were to be broken up. Can you think of a good home for them?

    • Jennie Paterson says:

      Dear Ian, Many thanks for getting in touch. We’ll forward your message on to Christian. Best wishes, Jennie

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