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John Watson was born in Argyll and was brought up in Scotland, Australia, England, Wales and South Africa. He is now based back in Scotland – where he studied at the Edinburgh College of Art, and has worked in art education as a teacher and lecturer for over twenty five years. He is most interested in using small scale prints to evoke wider imaginative and emotional responses, and describes himself as ‘a miniaturist at heart’.


The numbers in square brackets refer to the issue of the quarterly in which the artwork appears.
The unbracketed numbers refer to the pages on which the artwork appears.
For entries in multiple issues of the quarterly, the occurrences are separated by semi-colons.

Illustrations by, [55] 4; [56] 4; [57] 4; [58] 4; [59] 4; [60] 4; [61] 4; [62] 4; [63] 4; [64] 4; [65] 4; [66] 4; [67] 6; [68] 6; [69] 6; [70] 4; [71] 4; [72] 4

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