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Slightly Foxed Issue 77, David Martin, ‘Spring Vase’

Cover Artist: Slightly Foxed Issue 77, David Martin, ‘Spring Vase’

It was only after retirement from teaching art that David Martin (1922–2018) found success as a painter. Fortunately, ahead of him lay another 35 years devoted to painting and to establishing a distinctive approach that drew on his training at the Glasgow School of Art as well as his later interest in textile design. Through solo exhibitions in London, he established a considerable international following. David Martin was a meticulous painter: nothing was left on the canvas that was extraneous or haphazard. Each element in the composition had to carry a clear purpose, and each colour was used as the visual tinder that would ignite an adjacent passage of paint. For more of his work visit the John Martin Gallery at www.jmlondon.com.

‘Painting is an on-going experience, the artist should never stand still.’ David Martin

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