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SF Editors Diary March News

Slightly Foxed Editors’ Diary News | March 2020

Notes from Town and Country

Dear Readers

We thought it might be cheering for all of us in these unusual and unpredictable times if we kept in touch with you via a weekly diary. It won’t be a work of literature, and it won’t be simply, or even mostly, about books, but just a way of sharing with you, wherever you are in the world, how the two of us are living our day-to-day lives in very different parts of England. We feel we’ve come to know so many of you as friends from your letters, emails and phone calls, and if there was ever a time for friends to keep in touch, it’s surely now. So here goes. Gail is writing from her West Country house on the edge of Dartmoor while Hazel is holed up at home in Highbury, North London.

Meantime, Anna and Hattie have nobly been manning the office, processing your orders and keeping the show on the road, with Anna doing the long walk from her home in Turnpike Lane twice a day and Hattie sleeping in the bedroom at Hoxton Square. However, with restrictions tightening, we know you wouldn’t want them to take unnecessary risks on your behalf, so as you’ll see from the notice on the website, we’ve decided to close the office for the next few weeks. We’ll let you know as soon as it reopens.

With best wishes from the Slightly Foxed Editors
Gail Pirkis & Hazel Wood

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  1. Janet Couchman says:

    Needing an escape from the unrelenting bad news and overdose of social media, I took one of your beautiful little books down from the shelf, Diana Holman-Hunt’s account of her two grandmothers is the perfect read at the moment, it’s amusing, nostalgic and well written. It’s also a great pleasure to hold the physical book, no glary screen but thick creamy pages, elegant print and a ribbon bookmark. Thank you.

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