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Foxes, Foxes Everywhere

Where are you reading this? This month’s article would have us believe that you’re in the bath. However, emails are not quite as bath-friendly as the quarterly, so we hope you’ve chosen a drier spot to scroll through this month’s missive.

We know it’s only August, but we’re already getting excited about autumn at Slightly Foxed. There’ll be foxes, foxes everywhere when the van arrives from Yorkshire next week. It’ll be low on its wheels and laden with binders’ parcels of foxed books, foxed cubs, the Autumn issue and the handsome new Slightly Foxed wall calendar. The office will resemble a warehouse, we’ll be sidling past stacks of books just to get to the cafetiere, and Office Dog will be deep in a rustle and flurry of brown paper.

So this month we’re issuing a plea for help: we’re asking you to stock up on paperbacks, check your shelves for any SF Editions you may have missed (another two are about to sell out) and order your calendar to save us from being lost in an avalanche of cream paper and cloth bindings. But before all that, here’s a short piece in celebration of our readers, far and wide.

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