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Hilary Mantel Book Bundle | From the Slightly Foxed bookshelves

Hilary Mantel | From the Slightly Foxed bookshelves

‘I was so glad to hear An Experiment in Love by Hilary Mantel praised . . . Hilary Mantel’s early novels get overlooked now and it is one of the joys of Slightly Foxed that it highlights areas like this.’ G. Woodman, Belfast

As you know, dear readers, Slightly Foxed is the literary magazine for people who don’t want to read only what the big publishers are hyping and the newspapers are reviewing. We hope to introduce, or reintroduce, you to all those wonderful books that languish on publishers’ backlists.

Hilary Mantel is now best known for her Thomas Cromwell trilogy, which begins with Wolf Hall, but we’d like to put the spotlight on a selection of other riches from her writing life. It was our great pleasure to reissue her powerful and haunting memoir, Giving up the Ghost, in our series of SF Editions and, in Episode 31 of the Slightly Foxed podcast, we recommended her darkly inventive novel, An Experiment in Love.

Please read on for details of The Hilary Mantel Bundle, together with links to single titles by this author.

You’ll also find news of our forthcoming weekend wayzgoose – and amended office hours – as you continue to scroll below, as well as a special Summer Holiday offer for all readers to enjoy.

With best wishes, as ever, from the SF office staff
Jennie, Anna, Hattie, Jess & Iona

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