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‘It’s not called the real reader’s quarterly for nothing’

‘Here at Flavorwire, we’re always on the lookout for a great new read — even if it’s not at all new, but only new to us. To that end, we asked the folks over at Slightly Foxed, a quarterly journal we love for its great writing, fine leather chair feel (it’s not called “the real reader’s quarterly” for nothing), and tendency to open our eyes to books we’d missed, to put together a list of unfairly neglected literary works that deserve a little more love. They write, “Some of our ten are obscure, others popular in their day but now forgotten, others once forgotten but now not so, and others almost lost but we think that they are all worth discovering – or rediscovering — for one reason or another.” After the jump, check out the list, and pitch in with your own suggestions for forgotten-but-excellent reads in the comments.

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