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Slightly Foxed January News: All Hands to the Pump - New Year Sale

January News: All Hands to the Pump

Greetings from No. 53 where the foxes have returned, fresh faced and bushy tailed after a deliciously long Christmas break. Following a gentle few days opening the post, replying to cheery emails, sifting through crossword entries, filing submissions for our writing competition and chasing up the odd errant parcel with Royal Mail, it’s now all hands to the pump for our annual New Year clean. Those of you who have visited us here in Hoxton Square or have been listening to our podcast will know that life at a small publisher is like no other. As Sue Gee wrote in her introduction to our edition of Richard Kennedy’s delightful memoir, A Boy at the Hogarth Press,

It’s all hands to the pump in a way which now simply doesn’t happen in a vast conglomerate awash with money. In an age where company swallows company, and Amazon endeavours to swallow the lot, it is refreshing to think not only of the long-gone activities of the Hogarth Press, but also of the office of Slightly Foxed, where jiffy bags are stuffed by everyone as each new title in this series is published, ready to be sent off to loyal subscribers.

Fresh bookish offerings for spring will soon be stuffed into sturdy brown envelopes (we’ve since given up the jiffies in our bid to be more environmentally friendly) in the form of our 46th SF Edition, the travel writer Jan Morris’s gripping memoir Conundrum  and the 61st issue of Slightly Foxed with its usual eclectic and wide-ranging raft of recommendations for good reading. Coming later this year there’ll be a range of notebooks in new colourways, Eric Newby’s travel classic, Love and War in the Apennines and a new series of Cubs by Rosemary Sutcliff, starting with that great favourite The Eagle of the Ninth.

Meantime, if you’d like to help us clear a few shelves and take the opportunity to stock up on paperbacks, notebooks, back issues or Carey Novels we’d be most grateful. Various bundles and other tempting offers appear below. If you would like to order, by way of thanks we’ll send you a complimentary set of postcards bearing a wood-engraving by Howard Phipps for all orders over £40. Just use the code NEWYEAR at the checkout or over the phone.

If you have no need for anything foxed at this time, you might like to leave this email here and jump over to our website to read Sue’s full article from SF Issue 20: Putting up Useful Shelves 

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