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‘An unusually rich and entertaining memoir – hilarious, infuriating and unforgettable . . .’

‘“Tiger”, was either extremely shrewd or very lucky. He couldn’t have wished for a more gifted ghost. Her fluency with the pen is apparent from the first page of this enormously readable memoir. “The plumage is a wonder to behold,” she writes of Tiger’s exuberant attire, “a large sapphire in the lapel of a bold striped suit, a vivid silk tie so bright that it dazzles, and when he flaps his wings the lining of his jacket glints and glistens like a prism.”

Erdal is gossipy but good-natured, and maintains a stalwart fondness for her boss without descending into the gushing adoration affected by many of his female assistants. He comes across as garrulous, domineering, charming, whimsical, absurd and cuddly. He prowls the floor of his sumptuous offices making wild and windy speeches about his next publishing coup . . .

. . . their partnership has generated an unusually rich and entertaining memoir – hilarious, infuriating and unforgettable.’

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