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Spring has arrived at Slightly Foxed with the publication of our 49th issue with its cheering botanical cover. Copies should by now have dropped through subscribers’ letterboxes around the world and we do hope you’ve enjoyed it, wherever you are. If you’re a subscriber and your spring issue hasn’t arrived, please get in touch so we can investigate forthwith. And if you’re enjoying our newsletters but are not yet a subscriber to Slightly Foxed, then why ever not? If you’d like to take the plunge this spring and sign up for a year of good reading (and much else besides) do call Olivia on our emergency subscription hotline: 020 7033 0258 or visit our website to subscribe.

Further down the page you’ll find links and information about our bookplates, some temptations for Easter reading in the form of our covetable limited editions and popular paperbacks. We also bring you the latest selection of words from readers and news from two new bookish friends, the inaugural Chiddingstone Literary Festival and the bibliophilic haven that is Gladstone’s Library. As Slightly Foxed readers we know you’re all well-versed in the art of reading for pleasure and we hope you all agree that libraries play a vital role in giving readers of all ages, but especially young readers, access to books. In this month’s selected extract from our archives we meet a young man whose early reading adventures set him on the path to becoming a celebrated biographer, Michael Holroyd in his memoir, Basil Street Blues.

‘That library became my club, my home from home, my place of recreation and learning. It was a democratic place – we were of all sorts, ages and conditions.’

The office will be open next week from Monday to Thursday as usual before closing for a welcome dose of rest and recuperation over Easter. We’ll be back first thing on Tuesday 29 March so please feel free to place orders online while we’re away and we’ll post all items out when we’re back.

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