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Look Back with Love

The leaves may not have turned but autumn is in the air here at Slightly Foxed. It’s that time of the quarter again when we begin to look forward to the new issue and books, all made rather more real by the arrival of Don and Tracey from Smith Settle last week in a van packed to the gills with early copies of the new Foxed Cubs and SF Paperback. After countless trips up and down the stairs at No. 53 the office is once more stuffed with neat rows of binders’ parcels, all full of good books ready to be released to readers come September. What’s more, Smith Settle will be making the journey down from Yorkshire again next week with the new SF Edition, Issue 43 of Slightly Foxed and, rather excitingly, the new Slightly Foxed Notebooks (coming soon!). We’re slightly worried about fitting everything in but we wily foxes will find a way.

Whilst we take a break from moving boxes and preparing address labels for the new season, let us go to town with the author of our forthcoming paperback, Look Back with Love. Although not really published until September, we can’t help but share an extract of this wonderfully funny book with you now. Perhaps we’ll even tempt you to order a copy and help us to clear some of those binders’ parcels!

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