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‘The magazine has been a joy to receive . . .’

‘Dear All, Many thanks for your letter confirming my subscription renewal to Slightly Foxed. Looking back it seems I first subscribed in 2007 – where did those 10 years go?! In all that time the magazine has been a joy to receive (no hyperbole), and it is also a pleasure to know that there are people (yourselves!), who would wish to publish such a magazine. I have been slower than usual starting to read the latest edition (seemed to have a stack of reading to catch up on) but I have read the editorial and Helena Drysdale’s piece on ‘BB’. I love BB’s books and she did him real credit. In fact I live just a few miles south of Lamport and often look at the landscape that as a boy he would have explored. My very best wishes to you all.’ M. Ward, Northampton

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