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‘Greetings all the way from Victoria, British Columbia. . .’

‘Greetings all the way from Victoria, British Columbia! I’m a new subscriber and received my second volume in the mail yesterday (great excitement!). Thanks to a book blog I follow, your quarterly has been on my radar for a couple of years. Last November, while wading through a particularly stressful time, I decided to treat myself to a subscription and a pair of Danish slippers. I’m happy to say neither has disappointed! Your approach to life, reading and books has been a soothing balm and feeds my soul. Thank you! I also ordered a calendar which I hung in my office. Its whimsy and elegance propel me through my days of paperwork and problem-solving. I’m also delighting in your podcasts. As it happens, I discovered podcasts last fall and was thrilled that your first episode coincided with my subscription order. The stars were aligned! It’s life-affirming to hear you discuss your focus on quality over bling (while in the background dogs bark and builders build). The most recent one about reprints is my favourite so far. So, I write to say thank you to all of you for producing a wonderful publication and keeping me sane during the tempests of life. Best wishes from a smiling Canadian!’ R. Barlow, Victoria, Canada

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