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Now the Year Has Turned

Now the year has turned and spring bulbs are bravely poking up in Hoxton Square, we’re looking forward hopefully to the remainder of our tenth anniversary year. Once the usual hustle and bustle which accompanies each new quarter has subsided, we’ll be in full spring-cleaning mode, tidying the bookshelves, sprucing up the database, and weeding out the files. So if any mistakes have crept into the addresses we have for you, do please drop us a line and let us know. We like to get these things right.

Meantime we’re in full new quarter spirit and our bookshelves are brimming with copies of the Spring issue, our new cloth-bound Slightly Foxed Edition, I Was a Stranger, and our fourth Foxed Cub by Ronald Welch, Captain of Foot.

I Was a Stranger takes us to the small German-occupied town of Ede where John Hackett, after being seriously wounded at the Battle of Arnhem, was hidden and nursed back to health by three courageous Dutch sisters, then smuggled back down the waterways to the British lines by the Dutch Resistance. It’s a heart-stopping story and a heartfelt tribute by an extraordinary man to the people who risked their lives for him. And in Captain of Foot we’re in Portugal and Spain, marching with Lieutenant Christopher Carey, an infantryman in Wellington’s army during his long campaign against the French. With Chris we experience the extreme heat, the dirt and the fleas, the uncomfortable bivouacs and the poor food, as well as the exhilaration of battle. And it’s with him we’re off to war with in this month’s newsletter with an extract from a typically gripping scene.

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