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Episode 2: The Oldest Paper in the World

Gail, Hazel and Jennie talk to Frances Wood, librarian, sinologue and former head of the Chinese Collection at the British Library; Andrew Hawkins recounts the story of the oldest paper in the world; and we find out which books our readers are hoping for this Christmas.


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Books Mentioned

– Ernest H. Shepard illustrated Winnie the Pooh and Wind in the Willows. His memoirs are Drawn from Memory and Drawn from Life

A Country Doctor’s Commonplace Book

Issue 60 of Slightly Foxed

– David Seabrook, All the Devils are here

– Jonathan Coe, Middle England

– Peter Frankopan, The Silk Roads: A New History of the World

– Max Hastings, Vietnam

– Philip Kerr, Greeks Bearing Gifts

– Germain Greer’s White Beech is out of print, but we may be able to get hold of second hand copies. Please get in touch for details

– Michael Palin, Erebus: The Story of a Ship

– Sebastian Fauks, Paris Echo

– BB’s books are Brendon Chase, The Little Grey Men and Down the Bright Stream 

– Andrew Roberts, Churchill: Walking with Destiny

– Hilary Spurling, Anthony Powell: Dancing to the Music of Time

– Carys Davies, West

– Sally Rooney, Normal People

– Rachel Kushner, The Mars Room

– Katie Stewart’s Times Cookery Book is out of print, but we may be able to get hold of second hand copies. Please get in touch for details

– Julian Barnes, The Pedant in the Kitchen

– Nigel Slater, The Christmas Chronicles

– Qiu Xiaolong’s Detective Chen series begins with Death of a Red Heroine

– Frances Wood, Hand-grenade Practice in Peking

Related Slightly Foxed Articles & Illustrations

Luna North produced the cover for Issue 59 of Slightly Foxed, Autumn 2018

– Frances Wood’s article, The Oldest Paper in the Worldappeared in Issue 27 of Slightly Foxed, Autumn 2014

Other Links

– The Slightly Foxed Readers’ Day 2018 took place on 9 November at the Art Workers’ Guild. Our speakers were:

Miranda Seymour, who talked about Byron’s wife and daughter, Annabella Milbanke & Ada Lovelace

– Edmund Gordon, whose biography The Invention of Angela Carter won the Slightly Foxed Best First Biography Prize 2017

Penelope Lively and Ursula Buchan discussed two of their passions; writing and gardening

St Jude’s artists: Angie Lewin, Chloe Cheese and Christopher Brown

– Tom Hodgkinson, editor of The Idler magazine

– Details on our Writing Competition

The Diamond Sutra is still available to see in the British Library

Slightly Foxed is printed and bound by Smith Settle

The Birth of a Book video

Music and sound effects:

– Music for reading from The Oldest Paper in the World is Meditations on Life by Matthew Huffaker, Teknoaxe and made available under Creative Commons 4.0 license (no changes made).

– Sound effect of sleigh bells thanks to Gowler Music via FreeSound.org under Creative Commons Attribution Licence 3.0 (no changes made).

The Slightly Foxed Podcast is hosted by Philippa Lamb and produced by Podcastable.

Comments & Reviews

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  1. Angela says:

    A Slightly Foxed podcast? You can’t imagine the excitement!

  2. Julie says:

    Listening to the first two podcasts saved my sanity on a very long car trip from Virginia to Texas here in the states. The podcasts made me eagerly anticipate the long winter evenings in the new year with newly discovered books. Wonderful podcasts and I can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Stocken Oliver says:

    Waking up early from jet lag in Sydney and had the pleasure of listening to the first two podcasts. What a great way to start what will be another warm sunny day here. Now to continue reading David Attenborough’s The zoo quest expeditions. Much enjoyed the two EH Shepherd’s on the way out

  4. Diana Drewitt says:

    Started listening to your podcast…it was great to hear where people listen. I have taken on my son’s rabbit (flat changes)…the rabbit seems permanent now!! Giving the rabbit a run out /cleaning can be boring. So now I have discovered the podcast I can run round the yard with the rabbit with you in my ear!!!

    Mrs D and Karma !

  5. Dudley Jacomb says:

    I’ve just discovered your podcast. I’m not into apps etc but I do run a mostly online bookshop (pre-owned). I’m now sitting in my office overlooking to sea in Cornwall and having a pod binge and I’m absolutely loving it.

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