Introducing Wildfolk Prints: a collection of hand-produced greetings cards bearing ferns and flora from fine botanical engravings produced by British naturalists and artists in the 18th century.

Wildfolk’s creator, Londoner Annie Souttar, whose interest in nature was first sparked by children’s books, told us that her small business producing these cards and other prints literally grew itself when she wasn’t watching.

‘It was Dickon who first introduced me to plants and crows and foxes, Mary Lennox whose efforts in the untamed secret garden inspired my first attempts at growing things, and Elnora Comstock who took me into the wilds of the Limberlost following the trails Freckles had once shown her around the swamp to collect those precious specimens for the Bird Woman – these are the wild folk who encouraged me to make my own discoveries’

On daily walks in the park near her home Annie would teach herself the names of flowers and plants and then, in an effort to know more and more herself, she turned to the studies of botanists and began to collect their wonderful engravings and illustrations. Out of this early hobby Wildfolk Prints has grown naturally as a way to share her discoveries and inspire fellow nature lovers.

Annie researches old books to find the artwork for her prints, consulting horticultural collections at Kew Gardens and the Guildhall Library and spends hours poring over the ‘The Language of Flowers’: a Victorian guide to the meaning of flowers. Once she has chosen the illustration, Annie restores any damage or fading, confirms the Latin name and common name of the plant, and adds the date of the original engraving to the card, crediting the kind folk at the British Pteridological Society for help with identification of unusual ferns.

We’re delighted to announce that a small range of Wildfolk greetings cards is now available in the Slightly Foxed online shop, from Sneezeweed to Hay Scented Buckler Fern, Quaking Grass to Lords & Ladies. Beautifully produced in England by a small family-run printers, and blank inside for your own message, they’re perfect for any occasion.