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‘There is something magical, calming and restorative . . .’

‘Dear Gail and Hazel, Of course I shall be renewing my subscriptions and adding another for my brother! There is something magical, calming and restorative in your quarterly magazine. Is it perfection of format and print and illustration or choice of contribution, varied and surprising and always beautifully written? Or is it simply that you reflect my interests and experiences and bring a smile to my face as I sit under the apple tree, feeling less alienated from our present culture, and reassured that it’s OK to enjoy again past gems. Funnily enough, and typical of how in tune you are with your readership, I was reading again Trieste and the meaning of Nowhere which I see is on the menu. Typical of the illusion you are writing just for me. And that is magic! Brilliant editing – thank you so much! Warm regards from one fox to another.’ C. Fox, Oxford

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