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For readers ‘who, like me, enjoy historical battles and will treasure these books . . . ’

‘The book Knight Crusader by Ronald Welch tells the story of a young Squire called Philip who (later on in the book) becomes a knight.

In 1741 at the Siege of Jerusalem, he gets captured by Saladin (leader of the Turks) and is sent as a slave for 4 years to a kind old man. Together with his fellow knight Sir Gilbert, they eventually manage to escape and return to King Richard the Lion Heart, who suits them up for an upcoming Battle. The young Squire once known as Sir Philip becomes Sir Philip of Lanstephan Castle as his father died at the Siege of Jerusalem.

The story covers the period of the crusades and details this important event in history.

This is the first in a series of 12 books chronicling a family called the ‘Careys’ through many battles in history from the crusades to the 2nd World War.

I found this book and many other in the series very enjoyable. I felt as if I was in the time period I was reading about, as the descriptions were very vivid.

I would recommend this book to children age 8 and over, who, like me, enjoy historical battles and will treasure these books.’

                        By Noah, aged 9

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