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Dawn Wind | Light in the Dark Ages

Dawn Wind | Light in the Dark Ages

‘In Dawn Wind, the fifth of her novels on Roman and post-Roman Britain, Rosemary Sutcliff is, as always, bang on the money . . .’

So writes Sue Gaisford in her article on the latest addition to our Slightly Foxed Cubs series of classic children’s books, and we couldn’t agree more.

We’re delighted to have published Rosemary Sutcliff’s Dawn Wind this month and, for those of you who have placed orders for this title, it will be with you very soon, if not already.

Though most of her books were written primarily for children, the flesh-and-blood reality of Rosemary Sutcliff’s characters, her convincing plots and her brilliant reimagining of everyday life in a remote and mysterious Britain have always attracted adult readers too. Dawn Wind is no exception. Within its opening pages we’re introduced to Owain, the book’s teenage hero who has both Roman and British blood in his veins, and learn that he is the sole survivor of a terrible battle with the Saxons . . .

Please read on for an excerpt from Sue Gaisford’s article and follow the links to buy Dawn Wind as a single title, or as part of a limited-edition set of all seven Rosemary Sutcliff novels, including Sword Song and The Shield Ring which will be published in September. You can also browse and buy all the Roman and post-Roman books as single titles on our website.

We do hope you’ll enjoy this latest offering, whether you’re a young reader or simply young at heart.

With best wishes, as ever, from the SF office staff
Jennie, Anna, Hattie & Jess

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