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Poste-Freudian Therapy

Updated 25 January 2016: The bookshop has now closed.

We’ve loved having our bookshop on Gloucester Road. Since we took it over in 2009 it’s been a repository of good reads, a relaxing place to browse, and the scene of many a convivial book launch and get-together. But gradually the area around the bookshop has changed. The coffee shops and pâtisseries are moving in and, as in every other part of central London, rents are rising. Now our lease on the premises is coming to an end, and we’ve concluded that it’s time to seek pastures new. As to the future, we’ll be giving thought to other ways of continuing our bookselling activities, but for the time being we’ll be concentrating on Slightly Foxed itself and all that goes with it, and on our book publishing programme. Watch this space!

During the long dark days of January there’s nothing like curling up with a favourite book for comfort and diversion. But what to read? We argued a little (in a gentle and civilized fashion, of course) before reaching a general consensus that Cold Comfort Farm can always be relied upon to deliver the goods. With our fiftieth issue approaching this summer and plenty of exciting new projects to keep us busy, we look forward to seeing what 2016 will bring. Meantime we leave you in the capable hands of Michele Hanson and Stella Gibbons.

With best wishes for the coming year from all of us here at Slightly Foxed

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  1. ANDY BOWN says:

    Hello there and a very happy New Year to all at Slightly Foxed

    I’m so sorry to learn that the bookshop is closing its doors. I was hoping to visit this year . . . I really hope you will continue and go from strength to strength in a different way. The service you provide and the products you sell are both absolutely first class. I am also hoping that the remaining Carey Novels I have ordered will still be en route in due course. Very best wishes, Andy

    • Jennie Paterson says:

      Hello Andy

      Thank you for getting in touch. We’re very sad about the bookshop too. Although the news is rather grim, the reaction has been most heartening – our inboxes are overflowing with cheering and supportive messages from readers and shop customers.

      Thankfully the quarterly magazine and our book lists are flourishing so we’ll be focusing our energies on publishing for now. Once the dust has settled we’ll be looking forward to finding new ways to continue our bookselling activities – out of the ashes the fox shall rise! The new Carey Novel will follow in March and then next two in September.

      With many thanks again for your support, and best wishes from us all here at SF

  2. Rod Alexander says:

    Having not yet had the chance to visit your shop, I am saddened to hear it is closing. How many more coffee shops does London need? Still, keep up the good work. Best wishes, Rod Alexander.

  3. Eric Hanson says:

    I was hoping to come to your bookshop in March and browse and buy some books while vacationing in London from the States. Instead of ordering online, is there any place in London where I can buy a book or two first hand? When I first saw your video of “Making a book”, I told myself I had to visit your shop and purchase one of your Slightly Foxed editions.
    Cheers and good luck!

    • Jennie Paterson says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words Eric. We have plenty of London stockists and you can find a list on the website here: https://foxedquarterly.com/category/stockists/

      If you’re looking for one of the older editions it might be an idea to call one of the bookshop first to make sure they have that particular one.

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