Slightly Foxed at Sea Fever Festival

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Sea Fever Festival

North Norfolk’s Festival of Poetry and Prose, 11–12 May 2018

Sea Fever aims to celebrate all forms of the written word inspired by this exceptional coast-line, and to bring to the coast writers with national reputations.

 Join our Editors, Gail Pirkis and Hazel Wood, as they go behind the scenes at Slightly Foxed.

Saturday 12 May • 12.30 p.m.

The Sackhouse
Norfolk NR23 1AU

There are thousands of good books in print that are never mentioned in the literary pages, but most people have no way of knowing what they are, or which ones may appeal to them. Slightly Foxed fills this gap, introducing, or reintroducing, its readers to all those wonderful books that languish on publishers’ backlists but have too often disappeared from bookshops. Founded over fourteen years ago by Gail Pirkis and Hazel Wood, it’s a literary phenomenon and a bastion of traditional values in a changing world. Gail and Hazel will talk about the genesis of Slightly Foxed and how it has grown.

Tickets are £10 per event, and can be purchased online, in person or by telephone from Wells Tourist Information Office 01328 710885 (Friday–Tuesday, 10.30 a.m.–2.30 p.m.)

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