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Christopher Robbins, The Empress of Ireland | From the Slightly Foxed bookshelves

The Empress of Ireland | From the Slightly Foxed bookshelves

‘Your very good health, gentlemen! And by the way, gentlemen, I am not an old queen . . . I am the Empress of Ireland!

We’re delighted to share news of the latest addition to the Slightly Foxed Editions list, No. 51: The Empress of Ireland by Christopher Robbins. The subtitle to this delicious book is ‘A Chronicle of an Unusual Friendship’, and it would indeed be difficult to imagine two more unlikely companions than its author and his subject, the 80-year-old gay Irish film-maker Brian Desmond Hurst.

The Empress of Ireland is rolling off the presses at Smith Settle and is published on 1 June, together with the new summer issue and one of our most popular memoirs, Christabel Bielenberg’s The Past Is Myself, which we’re pleased to reissue in a handsome Plain Foxed Edition. Advance orders of these titles are a great help at this time as we can process them from home, ready to send to you on publication in a few weeks’ time.

For those of you following our travels through the archives from A–Z, today’s free article takes us to the Channel Islands as Richard Platt revisits The Book of Ebenezer le Page by G. B. Edwards.

Meantime, we’ll leave you with an introduction to the Empress.

With best wishes, as ever, from the SF office staff
Jennie, Anna, Hattie, Jess & Helen

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