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A Winter Wayzgoose

Team Fox is off on a winter wayzgoose this weekend. In celebration of our 10th birthday, eight vixens, seven honorary dog foxes and three spaniels are heading to a Tudor house in West Devon tomorrow. We’re anticipating almighty downpours, whipping winds, slippery mud and powercuts so we’re stuffing the cars with wellies and waterproofs, candles and Cluedo, along with a cargo of wine and hearty grub. Aimi from our bookshop will be holding the fort at SF HQ from Friday to Monday and we’ll do our best to send all orders out swiftly when we’re back in the office on Tuesday.

We must admit the thought of a long weekend of wild weather and no power made us urban foxes slightly anxious at first, but a quick hunt through the archives for tales of intrepid explorers soon made us brace up. We found just the reality check needed in this month’s article, which takes us to the ice caps with Polar explorer Sara Wheeler who writes, ‘Going to bed in the far north or south is not only like retiring to a deep freeze. It is also like taking a nap in a cutlery drawer, as one is obliged to cuddle all one’s battery-charged devices to prevent the cold sucking the cells dry.’ West Devon will be positively balmy in comparison – if we manage to get there, that is . . .

Read on for An African in Greenland, news of forthcoming publications, a new series of podcasts from The Talking Fox and a special offer from our friends at The Folio Society.

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