I bless the day I first discovered your quarterly through my Folio Society subscription. I have happily found new reading material in each issue. My literary life would have been sadly lacking without your magazine to guide me.

Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader’s Quarterly Issue 59

The Autumn issue of Slightly Foxed was published on 1 September 2018. Subscriber copies were dispatched on 30 August and should be received before 3 September (UK) or 17 September (overseas). If this date has passed and you haven’t received your new issue, please get in touch with Hattie Summers: 020 7033 0258; [email protected]

Slightly Foxed Edition No. 43, Jennie Erdal, Ghosting

Those readers who are on an automatic order for the limited editions each quarter were charged for this title on 1 August and should receive the book before 1 September (UK) or 17 September (overseas). Please note that these books are dispatched directly from the office and your copy is unlikely to arrive on the same day as your new issue of Slightly Foxed, which is dispatched by our printers, Smith Settle. If these dates have passed and you haven’t received your latest book(s), please get in touch with Hattie Summers: 020 7033 0258; [email protected].

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Slightly Foxed Cubs

The next Slightly Foxed Cub, Brendon Chase by BB, was published on 1 September.

Plain Foxed Editions

The new Plain Edition, Period Piece by Gwen Raverat, was published on 1 September.

A Slightly Foxed Special

A Country Doctor’s Commonplace Book: Wonders & Absurdities will be published on 1 October and is available to order.

Coming this Winter

The Winter issue of Slightly Foxed will published on 1 December 2018. Subscriber copies will be sent out in advance in mid-November.

There will be two Slightly Foxed Editions this coming quarter, Nos. 44 & 45: Ernest Shepard’s, Drawn from Memory and Drawn from Life, available to buy as a hand-numbered pair.