Renew a subscription

Please use this page to quickly renew either your own subscription, or a gift subscription for someone else.

1. Enter the membership number relating to the subscription. This can be found on your reminder email or letter and on the address label for anything we post to you. If you don’t know this, please tell us the subscriber’s full name.

2. Select a delivery region from the Destination list.

3. Select a delivery country from the Country list. This will generate subscription rates inclusive of postage & packing.

4. Choose type and length of subscription. If the destination country is in the EU, the VAT rate will appear beneath the ‘Pay Now’ button with the total price of your subscription.

5. If this is a gift, select this box to fill out a gift card.

6. Click ‘Pay Now’ for a quick checkout or click ‘Add to Basket’ to continue shopping.

To return to the main website, please click here.

NB If you are sending a subscription to a country in the EU, the ‘Pay Now’ button will show your order total to one decimal place. We are working to fix this as soon as possible. Meantime, please do place renew your subscription as usual.

Enter your email address and payment card details to quickly pay for this renewal now. To add this renewal to your basket and continue shopping simply click the 'X' to the right of this text and select 'Add to Basket' instead of 'Pay Now'.