New this Winter: Slightly Foxed Edition No. 40

When I Was a Little Boy

Erich Kästner, journalist, screenwriter and author of the immortal children’s book Emil and the Detectives, was born at the end of the nineteenth century in Dresden – that ‘wonderful city full of art and history’ which was razed to the ground by the Allies in 1945.

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A series of beautifully produced little pocket hardback reissues of classic memoirs, all of them absorbing and highly individual.

Our Slightly Foxed Editions are perfectly designed to curl up with – neat, sturdy little hardbacks, just the right size to hold in the hand and with a ribbon marker to keep your place. More important still, they’re wonderful reads – hitherto forgotten memoirs that bring alive a particular moment, that allow you into someone else’s world and make you feel you have actually known the writer. Often these books light up a period in a way no history book can. If you’ve started collecting them already, now could be the moment to fill in any gaps. And if you haven’t – well, you’ve a treat awaiting you. So whether you’re in need of a good book or a present for someone you’re fond of, do seize the chance to stock up now.