‘Smashing little hardbacks the way hardbacks used to be . . . produced by people who love books, for people who love books’ Belgravia Books


The books are so remarkable to look at, they seem as though they might already be precious antiques – both because of the unearthed gems within the pages and the external format . . . like portable sculptures’ Gaby WoodDaily Telegraph


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A series of beautifully produced little pocket hardback reissues of classic memoirs, all of them absorbing and highly individual.

Our Slightly Foxed Editions are perfectly designed to curl up with – neat, sturdy little hardbacks, just the right size to hold in the hand and with a ribbon marker to keep your place. More important still, they’re wonderful reads – hitherto forgotten memoirs that bring alive a particular moment, that allow you into someone else’s world and make you feel you have actually known the writer. Often these books light up a period in a way no history book can.

If you’ve started collecting them already, now could be the moment to fill in any gaps. And if you haven’t – well, you’ve a treat awaiting you. So whether you’re in need of a good book or a present for someone you’re fond of, do seize the chance to stock up now.

Hand-numbered limited cloth-bound hardback editions of 2,000 copies per title • Coloured endpapers • 170 x 110mm • Silk headband, tailband and ribbon marker • Blind blocking to front • Gold blocking to spine

‘Gorgeous, painstakingly produced editions’ Traveller Magazine