Ronald Welch’s 12 Carey novels, written between 1954 and 1972, follow the fortunes of the same family from their involvement in the Crusades to their service in the First World War. Grippingly plotted and scrupulously researched, together they join up the dots of English history in a remarkably vivid and human way.

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Slightly Foxed Cubs is a series of reissues of classic children’s books which will, we feel, strike a nostalgic chord with many older readers and introduce a younger generation to writers whose marvellous books have, unaccountably, been allowed to slip out of print.

Many of you have been collecting our handsome reissues of Ronald Welch’s Carey novels in the Slightly Foxed Cubs series. All twelve are now available and this spring we’re adding an interesting postscript – a thirteenth novel which is not technically part of the series but which just as well might be for it has all the same ingredients – a young protagonist with a Welsh background, a believable cast of characters, and a fast-paced plot brought alive by Welch’s customarily vivid historical detail.

This autumn we’ll be adding another favourite author, the inimitable ‘BB’, to the list. Some of the earlier Cubs are now only available as part of a set, and single copies are fetching high prices on the Internet, so why not try one or two now – either for your own pleasure or for younger family and friends?