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Catch up with all available episodes of the Slightly Foxed Podcast. Simply click on each episode’s image to be taken to its dedicated page, where you can listen to the episode, find the show notes and browse featured books and articles.

Foxed Pod Episode 25 | A Writer’s Territory Foxed Pod Episode 24 | The Lives and Letters of Charles and Mary Lamb Foxed Pod Episode 23 | A Writer in the Kitchen Foxed Pod Episode 22 | Independent Spirit Foxed Pod Episode 21 | A Bookshelf in Tripoli Foxed Pod Episode 20 | An Issue of Enthusiasms Foxed Pod Episode 19 | Tim Pears’s West Country Foxed Pod Episode 18 | The Ordeal of Evelyn Waugh Foxed Pod Episode 17 | Margaret Drabble: A Writer’s Life Foxed Pod Episode 15 | Reading Resolutions Foxed Pod Episode 14 | The Vital Spark Foxed Podcast Episode 13 | Nature & Story Foxed Podcast Episode 12 Sotherans Foxed Podcast Episode 11 George Mackay Brown Foxed Podcast Episode 10 Literary Festivals Foxed Podcast Episode 9 Garden Writing SF Podcast Episode 4 SF Pod Episode 3 Logo  

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  1. Linda Campbell says:

    My daughter discovered you somewhere online and gave me no.64 for Christmas. I’m having a wet summer morning – too wet to garden or bike to the gym – lying in bed here in New Zealand checking out your website and listening to your podcasts. I feel like I’ve found new friends.

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