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Foxed Friends


Hortus is a privately published quarterly journal which addresses itself to intelligent and lively-minded gardeners throughout the English-speaking world. The beautifully printed and bound issues, each of 112 pages, contain articles on gardens, plants, people and books; history design and ornament. www.hortus.co.uk


The magazine of new writing. From Nobel laureates to debut novelists, international translations to investigative journalism, each themed issue of Granta turns the attention of the world’s best writers on to one aspect of the way we live now. www.granta.com

Glimmer Train

This handsome short-story triannual actively champions emerging writers. www.glimmertrain.com

Cornucopia Magazine

Published twice a year, Cornucopia is the magazine for connoisseurs of Turkey – gorgeous enough for the coffee table, serious enough to be found in academic libraries. This publication – beautiful, uncompromising and independent – is an ever-growing compendium of all things Turkish: history, culture, art, food, travel . . . www.cornucopia.net

The Book Collector

The Book Collector is the only journal in the world that deals with book collecting, but it is much more than that – a bridge that joins together collectors, librarians and booksellers, and all who are interested in books, to have, to read, to enjoy in any way. www.thebookcollector.co.uk

Ambit Magazine

Ambit is a quarterly 96 page magazine that prints original poetry, short fiction, art and reviews. www.ambitmagazine.co.u

Aesthetica Magazine

Aesthetica is a British art and culture magazine. The magazine includes features on art, film, music and performance, highlighting notable new exhibitions around the world and showcasing photography. www.aestheticamagazine.com

Barter Books

One of the largest second-hand bookshops in Britain. A converted railway station in Alnwick, with open fires in the winter, a model railway acting as a link between the book columns, three stunning 40-foot murals, and a whole huge room lined with over forty glass cases containing many of the more interesting antiquarian books. www.barterbooks.co.uk

Abe Books

AbeBooks is an online marketplace where you can buy new books, used books, rare books, and out-of-print books, connecting customers with thousands of professional booksellers around the world and millions of books listed for sale. www.abebooks.co.uk

The Biographers’ Club

Founded in 1997 by literary agent and biographer Andrew Lownie, the Biographers’ Club is an umbrella organisation which seeks to educate, inspire, promote and foster a better understanding of the art of biography and its relevance across the broad spectrum of human endeavour. www.biographersclub.co.uk

The Authors’ Club

Founded by the novelist and critic Walter Besant in 1891 as a place where writers could meet and talk, the Authors’ Club also welcomes publishers, editors, agents, journalists, academics and anyone professionally involved with literature. www.authorsclub.co.uk

The Art Workers’ Guild

A unique organisation of distinguished craftspeople, artists and designers. Founded in 1882, to promote the highest standards of excellence in all of the applied arts and to bring together on an equal footing practitioners in many different fields. In 1912 the Guild acquired a Georgian house in Bloomsbury, and in 1914 built a handsome meeting hall at its rear to seat 100 people. www.artworkersguild

R. S. Surtees Society

His novels raucously unveil the half-forgotten country life of England between the Reform Bills: horse-dealers and minxy adventuresses compete for the lolly of lecherous Earls; spanking great hill foxes outpace packs of hounds as likely to belong to a grocer as a Duke; we find Jorrocks and James Pigg, Lucy Glitters and Facey Romford, Soapey Sponge and sound Tom Scott – all bucketing across the pages of English history. www.rssurtees.com

The Royal Society of Literature

A society of, and for, writers. For nearly 200 years, the Royal Society of Literature has celebrated and nurtured all that is best in British literature, past and present. www.rsliterature.org

The Poetry Book Society

Founded by T. S. Eliot and friends in 1953, the Poetry Book Society is a unique poetry society, providing information, guidance and discounts on the best contemporary poetry for a wide-ranging community of readers. The PBS is the biggest dedicated poetry bookseller in the UK. www.poetrybooks.co.uk

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