Most Slightly Foxed readers, we suspect, have some irritating gaps on their bookshelves left by favourite titles lent and never returned. A personal bookplate is an elegant and practical way of solving the problem and gives the book itself a special interest, identity and provenance. But commissioning an original bookplate is costly, and with this in mind, we’re offering readers the opportunity to acquire a personalized yet affordable bookplate featuring a wood engraving by two of our favourite engravers, Howard Phipps and Sue Scullard.

The bookplates will be printed on fine Italian Fabriano acid-free paper by Anthony Eyre at The Letter Press in Cirencester. As shown, there are eight charming engraved scenes to choose from, with a space on which the individual reader’s name will be printed.

Available in quantities of 250, 500 or 1,000 a personalized bookplate would make a very handsome present or provide an excellent incentive to do that sort-out of your own books that you’ve long had in mind.