In 2019 we received a cheque from a generous subscriber to use in any way we wished, and we decided to commission a new Slightly Foxed bookplate from the illustrator and printmaker Clare Curtis, who did the cover illustration for issue 56. We asked her for a lasting image that would sum up the spirit of Slightly Foxed, and this is the elegant result.

This new generic bookplate is produced on fine cream acid-free paper to the same high standard as our earlier bookplates, but because it leaves space for you to write your own name rather than having it individually printed, it costs considerably less. It’s a decorative and practical way to keep track of your favourite books, and the perfect gift for a bookish friend. We love it, and we hope you will too.

Available in sets of 100, our bookplates would make a very handsome present or provide an excellent incentive to do that sort-out of your own books that you’ve long had in mind.