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Forgotten about Great Uncle Bertie? Remembered at the eleventh hour that your sister-in-law specifically said ‘No more socks or scented candles’?

If you would like to place a new order then during the checkout process you’ll be able to create a personalized gift card and have it emailed straight to the recipient or to yourself to forward on, and to print out and hand over in person. The first issue of any subscriptions or books and other items will then follow as soon as possible (or later if you select a specific delivery date) and your literary gift crisis will have been averted in style.

If you have already placed an order but have not received your items, then please accept our sincere apologies. While most things reach their destinations in good time and in good order thanks to Royal Mail, inevitably the odd thing does go astray or arrives in less than perfect condition.

Please get in touch to let us know of any problems with your order ([email protected]) and we’ll resend any missing or damaged items. Meantime you could print out one of our generic gift cards.

Please note that if you choose to give one of these generic gift cards to the recipient before making a purchase then you will also need to make a purchase in due course. The receipt of one of these generic cards does not provide proof of purchase.

  • To save: Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl + Click (MAC) on your chosen image
  • Select ‘save image as’ from the menu to save the image to your computer
  • On a phone or tablet, you might need to touch and hold the image to save it to your device
  • You can then print the card out at A4 size or reduce it to A5 if you prefer
  • If the images won’t load for any reason, please download a pdf of all cards

Please click on the images below to view a downloadable .jpg of each card.




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