Slightly Foxed is a very civilized way to appreciate books and writers. No shouting, no hype, just beautifully presented enthusiasms, most of which are irresistible.’ Michael Palin

Slightly Foxed is the lively literary magazine for people who don’t want to read only what the big publishers are hyping and the newspapers are reviewing. Companionable, entertaining and elegantly produced, Slightly Foxed puts its readers in touch with a world of interesting and often forgotten books. Within its striking covers (usually specially commissioned from British artists) its readers discover recommendations for good reading written by booklovers from all walks of life, from celebrated authors, up-and-coming writers, librarians and booksellers, to the general public. What all its contributors have in common is a passion for a particular book or author that they love. Printed in England by traditional craftsmen printers, Slightly Foxed strikes a blow for lasting quality in content and presentation – for the small and individual against the corporate and the mass produced.

‘Any bookworms not already familiar with this excellent periodical should give it a try.’ – John Sandoe Books

Some words from readers & the press

‘The business of reading should please the hand and eye as well as the brain, and Slightly Foxed editions – books or quarterly – are elegant creations. Content follows form, offering new discoveries and old favourites to curious and discriminating readers.’ Hilary Mantel

Slightly Foxed is a very civilized way to appreciate books and writers. No shouting, no hype, just beautifully presented enthusiasms, most of which are irresistible.’ Michael Palin

‘Can I just say how much I enjoy Slightly Foxed – it gives me immense pleasure and frequently introduces me to a new author or reminds me about an old favourite.’ Jacqueline Wilson

‘The great joy of Slightly Foxed is that it’s a reader’s journal, not a place of summaries or of-the-minute reviews. It glows with depth, wit and passion.’ Bart van Es

Slightly Foxed is a literary magazine that has the incomparable value of following its own way, the principles of pleasure and curiosity, rather than bobbing slavishly in the wake of publishing schedules. It’s always full of good things; but, more than that, it’s always full of unexpected things.’ Sam Leith

‘I adore Slightly Foxed. It should be made available in every school as it challenges the idea of the canon. The quarterly is full of impassioned pleas and raves about curious obsessions and literary passions, and to read of these passions is a real privilege.’ Damian Barr

‘One of the very best moments of each new season: when the new Slightly Foxed arrives.’ Melissa Harrison

Slightly Foxed is a perfect readers’ periodical and every issue is a joy. In its pages, books you don’t yet know come to light and books you already love come to life.’ Adam Foulds

Slightly Foxed is a wonderful British quarterly about books that have survived the test of time.  Each issue is a collection of very short, charming essays by writers on their favorite books. I always end up with a good list—that’s how I discovered Angela Thirkell.  A subscription also makes a great gift for bookish friends.’ Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

‘The arrival of a new issue of Slightly Foxed makes me drop everything. I read it from cover to cover and it immediately sends me off to order a number of the books that it features. Slightly Foxed is a brilliant idea, beautifully realised.’ Alexander McCall Smith

‘A much-valued focal point for a literary world that most people had assumed had vanished forever – one that eschews most modern publishing trends, pretty much rejects the persuasions of profit-led publicity and marketing strategies for sub-standard books and instead concentrates on the traditional core values of enduring literary talent and exceptional writing.’ Caught by the River

‘If you need a good gift for someone who loves to read — or if you love to read and want a little treat for yourself — check out the delightful Slightly Foxed — “the Real Reader’s Quarterly.” It’s a little quarterly magazine, published in Britain, with essays about books. These aren’t reviews, but personal recommendations. For people who read a lot, it can be hard to find new suggestions, and every time I read Slightly Foxed, I add several titles to my library list.’ Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

‘A heartfelt celebration of writing that has stood the test of time . . . committedly eclectic’ Gaby Wood, Telegraph

‘I hold Slightly Foxed at least partly to blame for my chronic lack of bookshelf space. Once a quarter, there’s a fox on the mat and that means a litter of fox cubs as I find myself rushing to buy another dozen books mentioned in its pages. Long live Slightly Foxed – and long may my bookshelves hold up.’ Laura Freeman

‘If you love to read, be sure to check out Slightly Foxed, “the real reader’s quarterly.” It’s a delightful quarterly magazine filled with book essays — not reviews of recent books, but writing about books beloved by the writers. I never read an issue without making several terrific discoveries. Also, it’s a great gift for a book-lover, if you’re not sure what books to buy — that’s how I found it.’ Gretchen Rubin, Forbes Magazine

‘Opening Slightly Foxed triggered one of those moments when you have to ask yourself, “How it is possible that I did not know this existed until now?” Slightly Foxed features short pieces by authors and contributors who each write about a book or author they enjoy. It’s kind of like Nick Hornby’s column in the Believer – it will likely give you a lot of ideas of things you’d like to read someday, but it’s also enjoyable to just read someone’s description and stories about a book they love.’ Books, The Universe & Everything

‘A wonderful publication, at once unpretentious and lively, edifying and fun. It manages to be not only a superb guide to many excellent books but also to offer writing of its own that is remarkably entertaining.’ The Author

‘Looking back on his spell in the trade, George Orwell commented that what surprised him most about bookshops was the relative absence of really bookish people. But with the second-hand book dealing now practically banished to the internet and two small towns in Wales, and when most bookshops are pristine, strip-lighted affairs devoted to multi-buys, where exactly are the true bookish – or, for that matter, the decayed people smelling of stale breadcrusts – expected to go these days? For those bibliophiles who yearn for a whiff of an era when a chap wanting something bound in leather on the Charing Cross Road looked to Marks & Co, not Ann Summers, Slightly Foxed will come as manna from heaven. With a name derived from the dealer’s argot for the kind of liver spots that blossom on musty volumes, it couldn’t be more bookish if it tried. Fondling its delightfully crisp, cream pages you can almost feel corduroy patches sprouting from your elbows. Unashamedly crumbly in its outlook, its preference for writers, books and publishers of the old school (ie alcoholics, dissolute aristocrats, waspish bluestockings, and so on). Simon Raven, Josephine Tey and the Puffin Book Club are considered here; the next issue promises Simon Brett discussing ‘Gwen Raverat’s achievement as a wood engraver’. I, for one, can’t wait.’ Travis Elborough, Guardian

‘The magazine’s other great strength is its tactile quality. It looks and feels good. Its lay-out is stylish, the presentation is clear and uncluttered, its size (21cm x 14.5cm) is perfect for the crowded train journey, reading in bed, or the cramped fisherman’s tent, and it’s printed on high-quality cream-coloured vellum paper. And so everything about it exudes a degree of excellence that is uncommon in specialist periodical publishing today.’ Caught by the River

‘A lovely production . . . it contains many riches.’ The Bookseller

‘Sparky and independent’ The Times

Slightly Foxed is like a breath of fresh air . . . a pleasure to look at as well as to read.’ Irish Times

‘Fondling its delightfully crisp, cream pages you can almost feel corduroy patches sprouting from your elbows.’ Guardian

‘A rare oasis of quiet, but intelligent literary reflection, free from the spiky cynicism that so often marrs other publications’ The Lady

‘Read one issue back to back and you could cross every conceivable reader off your Christmas present list’ Paris Review

‘I’m proud of my status as a Slightly Foxed subscriber. When, four times a year, this literary journal arrives through my letterbox accompanied by a hand-written notecard and wrapped up neatly with a coloured ribbon, my hardened layers of urban cynicism peel away and I’m transformed into some kind of bucolic fantasy character from a Posy Simmonds story . . . Each edition features 92 pages of articles, all around the 2000 word mark, written by eccentric and dedicated bibliophiles on a mission to spread the love for their favourite forgotten author. The articles aren’t remotely lit crit, and that’s exactly why I love them.’ Naomi Ishiguro, For Books’ Sake

‘A wonderful review magazine, unique in that it introduces good books from both the past and the present, rather than being tied to what’s fashionable . . . Slightly Foxed focuses on the overlooked gems that have fallen into undeserved neglect, not just the obvious and trendy.’ The Dabbler

Slightly Foxed is a handsome handful of thick creaminess, always with lovely covers, and would make a great present for someone who likes books, and for who you can never think of a remotely suitable present… the magazine is rather like that voice you always hope to hear behind you in old bookshops … “Ah now that’s an interesting one”.’ Miles Kington, Independent

‘Absolutely beautifully produced’ James Naughtie, BBC Radio 4, Today

‘Slightly Foxed’s best offering is its quarterly, in which a dozen or so elegant essays make a case for various amusing but neglected books. A subscription would make an inspired gift for a hungry reader.’ Telegraph

Slightly Foxed literary magazine – a joy in itself – also prints attractive limited edition cloth-bound pocket hardbacks that will appeal to traditionalists’ House & Garden

‘It’s a delightful journal with a genuine enthusiasm for the overlooked, the out of print and the unfairly obscure. A charming magazine of bibliographical esoterica.’ Scotland on Sunday

‘A highly diverting antitode to the gloom of winter’ The Tablet

‘My birthday present from Ludo last year was a subscription to a quarterly magazine called Slightly Foxed. Each issue has beautifully written essays by people involved in the producing, writing or selling of books recommending writers or books they love.  Not only is it a fantastic read in its own right, it introduces the reader to an eclectic, unusual selection of reading material outside the usual bestseller lists and bookshop ‘books of the week.’ Kate Humble

Slightly Foxed engages with its readers, loyal and new, in a way that effectivley mirrors new social media. Except its as old as the idea of community itself.’ Gaby Wood, Daily Telegraph

‘Sick of buying him books year in year out? Try a subscription to this amusing, eclectic magazine full of book reviews instead.’ Telegraph Christmas Gift Guide

‘A vibrant and stimulating literary diamond’ Dovegrey Reader

‘It ranks as one of the more unusual publications I have ever come across and manages to be both literary and easily readable. I consider myself fairly well-read but Slightly Foxed never fails to dazzle me upon its arrival. Bookslut

Slightly Foxed offers a chance to discover about eighty books a year that most of us have never heard of but all of us will wonder about. Strike a blow for good reading everywhere and order a sample issue. It’s all about books, really good books . . . I couldn’t be happier to have found this magazine’ Bookslut

A great favourite is the brilliant quarterly Slightly Foxed for the sort of people who carry ancient penguins in their pockets and incidentally, a great present for those who love books’ Financial Times

‘It’s packed with anecdotes, reminiscences and essays about books, writers and the trade. If you love books, you’ll love Slightly Foxed.Time Out

‘Do your bit for intergenerational harmony. Strike a blow for the small and individual. Fight against the corporate homogenized publishing world. Buy Slightly Foxed. Zembla Magazine

‘Slightly Foxed is like a bookish friend, who, guiding you round their party, leaves you in the capable hands of various learned friends.’ Notes from the Underground

‘A quarterly full of delights and articles about books new and old, published and out of print, beautifully illustrated and written by excellent authors.’ Random Jotting

‘These are pages in which you can discover the unexpected in writing that is enjoyable. What more can one ask for?’ Romesh Gunesekera

‘A great discovery for booklovers – Slightly Foxed publishes a beautifully produced quarterly magazine. It also prints exquisitely bound irresistible autobiographies.’ NFOP Magazine

‘[Slightly Foxed is] a handsome magazine full of wonderful surprises and discoveries. I learn something every time I read it.’ Michael Holroyd

‘In a desert of internet conglomerates and soulless e-readers, Slightly Foxed is an oasis of literary joy.’ Paul Kingsnorth

‘Slightly Foxed is a wonderful literary magazine, a real little gem.’ Chris Stewart

‘It’s a joy, a delight, a quarterly treat that drives me to the bookshelves, the bookshop or the library in search of forgotten or never-encountered pleasures.  I won’t say that Slightly Foxed is essential, it’s just that I can’t live without it any more.’  Bernard Cornwell 

‘Sometimes deep, sometimes surprising, often eccentric, but always unputdownable.’ Posy Simmonds

‘Slightly Foxed is pure happiness. May you go on for decades to come.’ Ronald Blythe

‘I’m not sure if the rules of ‘Desert Island Discs’ allow a periodical instead of a book; but if they do – and no doubt the people at Brewhouse Yard could arrange delivery by homing albatross – I’d go for a subscription to Slightly Foxed and ration myself, very strictly, to an article a week . . . And I know I’d still read it in one go the day it arrived.’  Tim Mackintosh-Smith

‘It’s always a red-letter day when the post includes Slightly Foxed – gorgeous new cover, choice list of contents.  I always find one title I plan to read – or an old favourite I’d forgotten about.’  Penelope Lively

‘For all ‘Real Readers’ it’s exciting to open a new issue of Slightly Foxed, sure of meeting a kindred spirit in each little essay – though that’s all you can be sure of, given the deliciously unpredictable variety of themes.  This quarterly passes the re-reading test and deserves its own space in a bookcase; later generations can quote from it to prove that good writing didn’t die with the twentieth century.’ Dervla Murphy

‘A quarterly box of delights – always something unexpected to excite the taste buds of the bookish.  I know it’s planned, but it feels fortuitous and that’s quite an art.’ Paul Routledge

‘The perfect present for any addicted reader, who will love its quirky tone, its neat format and elegant look.’ The Oldie

‘. . . do continue with your wonderful work which so irresistibly encourages us book worms to keep “travelling in our imaginations” . . .’ Retro Reads, Daily Mail