25 January 2016

A new year and a new leaf for Slightly Foxed . . .

We’ve loved having our bookshop on Gloucester Road. Since we took it over in 2009 it’s been a repository of good reads, a relaxing place to browse, and the scene of many a convivial book launch and get-together. But gradually the area around the bookshop has changed. The coffee shops and pâtisseries are moving in and, as in every other part of central London, rents are rising. Now our lease on the premises is coming to an end, and we’ve concluded that it’s time to seek pastures new. As of today (25 January 2016) Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road is closed.

As to the future, we’ll be giving thought to other ways of continuing our bookselling activities, but for the time being we’ll be concentrating on Slightly Foxed itself and all that goes with it, and on our book publishing programme. Watch this space!

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