Yvonne Skargon Snake's head fritillary

Wood engraving: Yvonne Skargon, ‘Snake’s head fritillary / fritillaria meleagris’

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It seems that spring has finally sprung and the bluebells and crocuses are out in full bloom. We long to see some snake’s head fritillary out in Hoxton Square, but alas will have to make do with Yvonne Skargon’s wonderful wood engraving, taken from Slightly Foxed Issue 41, Spring 2014.

Yvonne Skargon was born on the east coast near Harwich, and began drawing and painting during her school days. At Colchester School of Art she was inspired by renowned engravers John O’Connor and Blair Hughes-Station to take up wood engraving, and went on to teach at the Royal College of Art. At printers W. S. Cowell she illustrated texts and designed book-jackets, but is perhaps better known for depictions of her cats, who appear in her best-selling books ‘The Importance of Being Oscar’ and ‘Lily & Hodge & Dr Johnson’. Her own garden provided inspiration for her designs, and her work for Hortus magazine, flowers, plants and animals added to her repertoire.

We love wood engravings and in the printed quarterly we have an occasional series to introduce the work of some of our favourite engravers. We will be sharing a woodcut from our archive on the website each week. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

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