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Spring will soon be upon us and it will be precisely thirteen years since the first issue of Slightly Foxed appeared. Then of course we had no idea of what SF would become – more of a friendly worldwide fellowship of readers than simply a magazine.

Many of you have been with us from that first issue, and our subscription renewal rate is unusually and cheeringly high. As we frequently tell you, it’s your loyalty and enthusiasm that keep us going, and this year we’ve decided to express our appreciation to you in a more concrete way.

Enclosed with the forthcoming spring issue, subscribers will find their new Slightly Foxed membership card, along with details of the benefits that go with it. As well as 4 printed issues each year, a subscription includes access to the full digital archive of back issues, preferential prices for books and goods, and offers from a number of organizations we feel are likely to appeal to readers of SF, such as the London Library and the Royal Society of Literature. It’s a varied but carefully chosen list, and though we’ll be adding to it as time goes on, we promise we’ll keep it that way.

The new issue is usually sent to subscribers by our printers Smith Settle each quarter, but this time we’re dispatching it ourselves from the kitchen table here at No. 53 so that we can enclose each reader’s personalized card. It’s been quite a task but absolutely worthwhile, we think, and we hope you’re going to agree! We’ll start sending the issue out early next week, to overseas readers first and then to the UK, so they should start dropping through letterboxes from 26 February, just before hitting bookshop shelves on 1 March.

Those UK and overseas readers who are on an automatic order for the limited editions each quarter should receive this book by 1 March (UK) and 10 March (overseas). If you would like to arrange an automatic order for the Slightly Foxed Editions please get in touch with Hattie Summers: 020 7033 0258; [email protected].

Well, that seems like quite enough housekeeping for the time being. We’d best get back to our packing stations. We’ll be in touch again soon. Meantime, please follow the link for the newsletter and scroll down for our Spring titles.

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