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Birth of a Book

Birth of a Book is a short film of Slightly Foxed Edition No. 17, Mango & Mimosa being printed and bound by Smith Settle in Yorkshire. Commissioned by the Daily Telegraph. Shot, Directed & Edited by Glen Milner.

Birth of a Book from Glen Milner on Vimeo.

A short vignette of a Slightly Foxed Edition being created using traditional printing and book-binding methods. Shot, Directed & Edited by Glen Milner for the Daily Telegraph at Smith Settle Printers.

Our Yorkshire printers, Smith Settle, have been with us from the beginning and are true friends of Slightly Foxed. Founded in 1981, they are among the now rare breed of craftsmen printers, producing beautiful hand-sewn books, both cloth-bound and leather-bound, for many publishers including independent publishers like Slightly Foxed and the Folio Society. It’s to Smith Settle that we owe the consistently high standard of printing and elegant appearance of Slightly Foxed magazine, and of our books.

This video was shot at Smith Settle Printing & Bookbinding in Yeadon near Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. The book being printed is Suzanne St Albans’ Mango and Mimosa published as part of our series of Slightly Foxed Editions.

To learn more about our printers, you can visit their website: www.smithsettle.com

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  1. Angela says:

    Fascinating. I’ve watched it three times in a row already. More of the same, please.

    • Slightly Foxed says:

      Thank you for watching. Yes, it’s beautiful and compelling and I never tire of it. Our printers, Smith Settle, are very special indeed, and we so appreciate that each and every one of our books is produced this way.
      Best wishes, Anna

  2. Lisa says:

    That is supremely cool! To see the hand-binding of each individual volum is fascinating and makes me treasure my stack of Slightly Foxed editions all the more.

  3. Diana Farmbrough says:

    I’ve just had my first book published and thought my own travails were challenging. Now I know why my production controller was so patient with me, because it was he who worked the magic at the end and produced such a lovely end result!

  4. Mary Sherman says:

    Just love seeing the hands that assemble the books. Makes them even more special!

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