Duff Hart-Davis

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Duff Hart-Davis is a British biographer, naturalist and journalist. He has written and edited over fifty books on a wide variety of subjects, including eight adventure novels. He worked on the Sunday Telegraph as Literary Editor and feature writer and as a columnist for the Independent. He lives on the Cotswold escarpment.

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  1. Jules Stevens says:

    Dear Mr Hart-Davis,

    I will try writing to your agent too, but if this note reaches you, I wondered if you might help me.

    I am writing a fictionalised account of the various hunts for the alleged Jesuit treasure at Sacambaya. I have read the accounts by Stead, Jolly, and Prodgers, and Sanders’ brochure, but there are sources and references in ‘Man of War’ that I have not come across elsewhere. You quote letters from Sanders, articles by Dr Mellows in the Star, and accounts by Hillgarth, which I assume come from his diaries.

    No doubt finding this material was the outcome of many hours of hard work, but I would love to read it if you would let me. It would help enormously.

    Please do email me, or call on 07989945192.



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