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Famous People’s Foxes

As you might expect from the nation’s favourite gardener, the spades here are very well executed. The Titchmarsh fox is fluffy and rather glam and its startled expression suggests it may recently have had a facelift. This would make an excellent sign for some cosy little pub, probably named the ‘Spade and Vixen’, where gardeners go for a well-earned pint or two after a hard day’s repotting.

About Slightly Famous People’s Foxes

In 2014 we wanted to celebrate our tenth anniversary in a way which might help a good cause. The result was a little book, Slightly Famous People’s Foxes, an original gallery of vulpine characters you’d be astonished to find poking around your dustbins, all kindly donated by friends of Slightly Foxed and brought to order by Oliver Pritchett, well known for his witty columns in the Sunday Telegraph.

All profits from the sale of the book (approximately £5,000) were donated to the Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond Street which allows children to continue their education while they are there. To raise more money for the school the original fox drawings were auctioned in April 2015.

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