‘Receiving things from you are like breaths of fresh air in an overly polluted world.’ D. Matheney, United States

It feels like I have stumbled into an oasis of a half forgotten civilization. Long may you prosper.’ J. Stuart-Smith, Gwynedd

Oh! Dear me – all the jobs that don’t get done because a new copy of SF has arrived! Delicious – the feel of the paper, the smell of it . . .’ W. Hill, Herefordshire

Eclectic, elegant and entertaining, Slightly Foxed is the literary magazine for nonconformists, for people who don’t want to read only what the big publishers are hyping and the newspapers are reviewing.

There are thousands of good books in print that are never mentioned in the literary pages, but most people have no way of knowing what they are or which ones may appeal to them. Slightly Foxed fills this gap, introducing, or reintroducing, its readers to all those wonderful books that languish on publishers’ backlists but have too often disappeared from bookshops.

Its contributors are established writers, journalists and people from other fields who share their passion for particular books and authors. Since it is entirely independent, Slightly Foxed is free to follow its own bent, to promote unfashionable enthusiasms, to celebrate the offbeat and the unusual. Contributors are encouraged to discuss their chosen books with passion and wit, to air arcane knowledge, to delight in eccentricity and to share the joys of exploring the extraordinary, the little-known and the downright peculiar.

So whether you’re in search of stimulation, consolation or diversion, a treat for yourself or a present for a friend or relative, you might do worse than take out a subscription or try an issue? If you do, you’ll be in excellent company.