Slightly Foxed: 2-Year Print Subscription  (+ Free Digital Archive)
Completely Foxed
  • Pages: 96
  • Format: 210 x 148mm
  • Illustrations: B/W
  • Publication date: Mar/June/Sept/Dec
  • Producer: Smith Settle
  • Digital access: Full archive via all internet browsers and on most hand-held Android & Apple devices
  • Details: 8 printed issues & free digital access *save £12
Made in Britain

Slightly Foxed: 2-Year Print Subscription (+ Free Digital Archive)

8 printed issues & free digital access


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Slightly Foxed is published four times a year, in early March, June, September and December. Each issue remains current until the next one is published.

To buy a new subscription, a gift subscription or a renewal of an existing subscription please first select the starting issue, and add the subscription to your basket. Once you reach the checkout you can tell us any renewal information or, if a gift, the name and address of the recipient, any special delivery instructions, and write a personal message to be enclosed with the first issue.

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‘The arrival of a new issue of Slightly Foxed makes me drop everything. I read it from cover to cover and it immediately sends me off to order a number of the books that it features.’ Alexander McCall Smith

    ‘Thanks for the reading . . .’

    ‘Thanks for the hours/days/months/years of reading inspired by your articles!’

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    ‘If you are looking for a literary journal subscription then I highly recommend this one . . .’

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    ‘I love Sunday mornings . . .’

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    ‘It will remind you of what it really means to be a reader . . .’

    ‘What makes Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader’s Quarterly so great? As I perused the latest issue, I realized that in many ways it’s exactly what I wish my blog to be, and what I appreciate...

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    ‘Beautifully produced . . .’

    ‘Absolutely beautifully produced.’

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    ‘Like a breath of fresh air’

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    ‘Fondling its delightfully crisp, cream pages you can almost feel corduroy patches sprouting from your elbows’

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    ‘It’s not called the real reader’s quarterly for nothing’

    ‘A quarterly journal we love for its great writing, fine leather chair feel (it’s not called the real reader’s quarterly for nothing) and tendency to open our eyes to books we’d missed . . .

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    ‘If you’ve yet to have the pleasure of a Slightly Foxed book, you can start pretty much anywhere. ’

    ’It is entirely appropriate, as a book fox, that I am also something of a fanboy for Slightly Foxed Editions. Every now and then I read their literary quarterly with wonderful esoteric and...

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