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4th June 2019

‘I love your magazine. . .’

‘I love your magazine and settle down for a good read when it arrives. The June edition was full of interesting and amusing essays which my friends and I love. Sorry I forgot the time difference between Brisbane Australia and London, so I sent off my subscription while our morning sun is shining into my sitting room on a cold and windy day. Hope you are all fast asleep and have a very good day when you wake up. All the very best and you are keeping up a wonderful standard of writing for us to read.’
- B. Wintringham, Brisbane, Australia
From readers
24th May 2019

‘My order of a set of Ronald Welch novels arrived safely. . .’

‘My order of a set of Ronald Welch novels arrived safely. Thank you for bringing them back into print, for the outstanding quality of your books, and the prompt handling and careful packaging of my order. You have a very satisfied customer, and I'll be back for more!’
- P. Grant, Texas, United States
From readers
24th May 2019

‘Thrilled to receive the Summer issue. . .’

‘Thrilled to receive the Summer issue – the picture on the front conjures up everything that’s special about summer and summer reading – and the contents don’t disappoint, either! I’m saving my copy for our annual retreat to Grasmere next month – sadly no foxes in the garden of our rented cottage near the Lake, but there are red squirrels! I’m also looking forward to Love and War in the Apennines, having spent a walking holiday in that area some years ago. There always seems to be at least one piece with personal resonance, not to mention ideas for gifts and future reading.’
- M. Metcalfe
From readers
1st May 2019

‘What an eclectic delight. . .’

‘Hopefully you never tire of accolades from first time readers of SF quarterly? What an eclectic delight, even for those of us with a limited literary background. The review of In Hazard was bursting with insight, a compelling enthusiasm and written by a ‘non-professional’ – I hesitate to use ‘amateur’ – was the contributor ever a teacher/lecturer of English? As a runner- up I can only assume the competition winner was particularly outstanding? The illustrations are a delightful ‘bonus’, looking at the covers of back editions they are an excellent showcase of often overlooked artists’ work. By coincidence the July 2018 cover reflected my own garden at that time, for the first time, drifts of Myosotis arvensis injected a flush of hazy blue with a rash of random, rogue Digitalis. If you had not already found a mischievous, vulpine icon (an escapee from Richard Hughes attic perhaps) that image may have been a charming alternative; as it would have reflected at least part of a SF mission statement? Posy Fallowfield’s final assurance echoing the same sentiment. Your online newsletters and podcasts are greatly appreciated, keep up the good work – a world without real publications ‘to have and to hold’ will be immeasurably poorer!’
- B. Jefferson, Somerset
From readers
25th April 2019

‘Thank you for finding the second-hand copy of The Spoken Word. . .’

‘Thank you for finding the second-hand copy of The Spoken Word and sending it to me. It arrived this morning and acted as a 57th wedding anniversary gift for my husband, who had shown great interest in it when I showed him the relevant article in Slightly Foxed. He has read through it already and I've had a glance, and I'm sure it will provide much discussion and some hilarity between us. (He is a confirmed pedant.)’
- B. Baldwin, Cardiff
From readers
5th April 2019

Slightly Foxed has a mysterious quality. . .’

Slightly Foxed has a mysterious quality of lifting spirits, making you read with bizarre faces (mouth open/chuckling/eyebrows doing a thing) because you are always lost in the essays and of course, it makes you feel as satisfied as a scrumptious five course meal.’
- R. Susan, India
From readers
3rd April 2019

‘I have been hugely impressed with you and all your enterprises . . . ’

‘I have been hugely impressed with you and all your enterprises ever since I first came across you many years ago. I am even more impressed to receive this morning beautifully bound copies of The Little Grey Men and Down the Bright Stream, which I ordered only a few days ago. My godmother gave me the first on my eleventh birthday and now I give these two to my grand-daughter, hoping she will love them as much as I did. The illustrations are nostalgically perfect.’
- S. Moody
From readers
23rd March 2019

‘I did so enjoy the podcast . . . ’

‘I did so enjoy the last podcast and I absolutely loved A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles which was recommended by one of you, can’t now remember which!  I had it as a talking book on a long drive recently and was completely absorbed, couldn't stop driving, which must be the moving version of “couldn’t put it down”!’
- P. Morrall, Devon
From readers
23rd March 2019

‘Greetings all the way from Victoria, British Columbia. . .’

‘Greetings all the way from Victoria, British Columbia! I’m a new subscriber and received my second volume in the mail yesterday (great excitement!). Thanks to a book blog I follow, your quarterly has been on my radar for a couple of years. Last November, while wading through a particularly stressful time, I decided to treat myself to a subscription and a pair of Danish slippers. I’m happy to say neither has disappointed! Your approach to life, reading and books has been a soothing balm and feeds my soul. Thank you! I also ordered a calendar which I hung in my office. Its whimsy and elegance propel me through my days of paperwork and problem-solving. I’m also delighting in your podcasts. As it happens, I discovered podcasts last fall and was thrilled that your first episode coincided with my subscription order. The stars were aligned! It’s life-affirming to hear you discuss your focus on quality over bling (while in the background dogs bark and builders build). The most recent one about reprints is my favourite so far. So, I write to say thank you to all of you for producing a wonderful publication and keeping me sane during the tempests of life. Best wishes from a smiling Canadian!’
- R. Barlow, Victoria, Canada
From readers
22nd March 2019

‘I am very impressed by the speedy delivery of my order. . .’

‘I am very impressed by the speedy delivery of my order. I bought myself The Young Ardizzone from The Book Room at Wyken Vineyards, which I love to visit when I stay with my daughter in Suffolk. The look and feel of the edition was so special that I ordered it to send to my son. Thank you for producing such beautiful books.’
- M. Bennett, Pembrokeshire
From readers
20th March 2019

‘I felt I had to get in touch to thank you. . .’

‘I felt I had to get in touch to thank you, not just for the prompt dispatch of books I ordered, but for your kindness and thoughtfulness in sending the lovely Slightly Foxed cards along with the two volumes of E.H. Shepard’s memoirs. My friend Christine loves reading and drawing so it goes without saying that she was absolutely delighted with her 70th birthday gift!’
- J. Wensley Essex
From readers
14th March 2019

‘I saw an elderly gentleman reading it on the train. . .’

‘I saw an elderly gentleman reading it on the train, it looked so enticing. He has been reading since the first edition and was full of praise. I had to subscribe and see for myself!’
- J. Hughes, Surrey
From readers
12th March 2019

‘Thank you very much for the beautiful Slightly Foxed edition of BB’s Brendon Chase. . .’

‘Thank you very much for the beautiful Slightly Foxed edition of BB’s Brendon Chase, which arrived safely last Saturday. It is a wonderful book - certainly ‘a very good read’. Thank you and all at Slightly Foxed for the marvelous periodical and other publications published and sold by you – I enjoy them.’
- M.H. Phillips, Aberyswyth
From readers

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