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New this Autumn | Issue 67 of Slightly Foxed magazine

‘One of the very best moments of each new season: when Slightly Foxed arrives’

We’re delighted to report that the Autumn issue of Slightly Foxed (No. 67) has left the printing press at Smith Settle.

It ranges far and wide in the usual eclectic manner:

Selina Hastings meets a Mitford • David Fleming goes down with the Titanic • Laura Freeman accepts an invitation to the waltz • Tim Pears experiences the force of history in Poland • Polly Devlin is transported to Hollywood • Kristian Doyle loafs by the Seine • Rose Baring does the rounds with a country GP • Ian Thomson travels to Estonia and the world of Jaan Kross • Hazel Wood visits the Pimpernel Press • Edmund Gordon parties with Henry Green, and much more besides . . .

With it, as usual, you’ll find a copy of our latest Readers’ Catalogue, detailing new editions, our backlist, books featured in the latest issue of the quarterly, a selection of literary goods and other offers and bundles.

If you’re not a subscriber to the quarterly (and if not, a subscription comes highly recommended – as well as receiving a handsome parcel of bookish delights through your letterbox each quarter, you’d be enjoying discounted rates on all books and goods and offers from our partners too!) then you might like to scroll down for a preview of the new issue and other seasonal offerings.

We do hope you’ll enjoy the Autumn issue of the quarterly, wherever in the world you are. If you are on a repeat order to receive each limited-edition memoir each quarter, your usual hand-numbered copy of Hons and Rebels by Jessica Mitford will be with you very soon.

For those of you who ordered a full set of Rosemary Sutcliff’s four Roman novels, or placed an order for the second two – Frontier Wolf and The Lantern Bearers – ahead of publication on 1 September, we’re very pleased to let you know that these will reach you (or the intended recipient) shortly, if not already.

We shall look forward to the usual flurry of emails, letters, postcards, telephone calls and visits that the turn of the new quarter brings. Meantime, happy reading.

With best wishes as ever from the SF office staff
Jennie, Anna, Hattie, Jess and Helen

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