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Plain Foxed Editions | From the Slightly Foxed bookshelves | Winter 2023

‘Not just beautiful books, but so brilliantly chosen’ | Plain Foxed Editions | From the Slightly Foxed bookshelves

‘For Christmas someone gave me a small red-leather bound copy of Coriolanus (why?) which I proudly carried about with me for weeks, though unable to make head or tail of it. If anyone, on seeing it, asked me if I liked it (as I hoped they would), I replied, “Oh, quite well but I prefer Timon of Athens.”’ Dodie Smith, Look Back with Love

Greetings from Slightly Foxed where we’ve been inundated with orders for our new winter publications and it very much feels like the beginning of the festive season. Pig Ignorant and the rest of our handsome Slightly Foxed Editions have been flying off the shelves at a rate of knots, as have our Plain Foxed Editions – 0ur reissues of the most popular SF Editions, in the same sturdy little format but slightly plainer and unnumbered, bound in duck-egg blue cloth.

These irresistibly collectable PF Editions now number seventeen and include a variety of titles from Helene Hanff’s epistolary memoir 84, Charing Cross Road to Adrian Bell’s rural classic Corduroy via Dodie Smith’s charming Look Back with Love. You can read a festive extract of Look Back with Love for free on the Slightly Foxed website which we do hope you’ll enjoy along with our related reading recommendations below.

If you are planning to send a bookish gift or two overseas to arrive in the coming weeks, please check our last advised posting dates for parcels to arrive in good time for Christmas.

With best wishes, as ever, from the SF office staff
Jess, Isabel, Rebecca & India

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