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Collectable Classic Children’s Books | The Carey Novels by Ronald Welch | Slightly Foxed Cubs

Collectable Classic Children’s Books | Slightly Foxed Cubs

‘Ronald Welch, a tank commander turned schoolmaster, is one of the 20th century’s most underrated children’s writers . . . His books positively foam with information.’ Telegraph

Ronald Welch’s Carey novels follow the fortunes of the same family from their involvement in the Crusades to their service in the First World War. Grippingly plotted and scrupulously researched, together they join up the dots of English history in a remarkably vivid and human way. Tomorrow marks forty years since Ronald Welch’s death and, as befits a man who held such reverence for dates, we’re commemorating this anniversary and celebrating his wonderful books.

He certainly knew how to bring history alive for younger readers. You can’t finish a Welch book without having grasped such precise details as the construction of a crusader’s armour and why it was so designed, or why the longbow was crucial to the English victory at the Battle of Crécy. Most importantly they’re brilliant reads – fast-paced, colourful and imaginative, with entirely believable central characters.

We’re delighted to make these classic adventure books available again, in our highly collectable series of handsomely bound Slightly Foxed Cubs. Please scroll down for more information about single titles, sets and special offers.

With best wishes, as ever, from the SF office staff
Jennie, Anna, Hattie, Jess & Iona

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The price of the Cubs will be increasing by £1 per book on 21 February 2022. We’ve held the price of our books through a number of substantial price rises and unfortunately we simply can’t hold the rate any longer and cover the climbing costs of paper, binding, postage and packaging. Please do take the opportunity to stock up on these titles now at the current rates.

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