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Slightly Foxed Issue 25
  • ISBN: 9781906562151
  • Pages: 96
  • Dimensions: 210 x 148mm
  • Illustrations: B/W
  • Publication date: 1 March 2010
  • Producer: Smith Settle
  • Cover artist: Simon Palmer, ‘Braithwaite Lane’
  • ISSN: 1742-5794
Made in Britain

Slightly Foxed Issue 25

‘A Date with Iris’


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The independent-minded quarterly that combines good looks, good writing and a personal approach. Slightly Foxed introduces its readers to books that are no longer new and fashionable but have lasting appeal. Good-humoured, unpretentious and a bit eccentric, it’s more like a well-read friend than a literary magazine.

In this issue

Belinda Hollyer finds an orange grove in Florida • Christian Tyler stops at Eboli • Lawrence Sail takes the high path • Michele Hanson meets a bounty-hunter • Ashley Harrold goes literary speed-dating • Rohan Candappa escapes to Brendon Chase • Hugh Farmar asks if enough is enough • Laurence Scott gets out his Observer’s book, and much more besides . . .

A Date with Iris • A. F. HARROLD

On the novels of Iris Murdoch

Beginning in Gladness • LAWRENCE SAIL

Ted Walker, The High Path

In Italy’s Dark Heart • CHRISTIAN TYLER

Carlo Levi, Christ Stopped at Eboli

Spotting a Masterpiece • LAURENCE SCOTT

On the Observer’s Book of Automobiles


BB, Brendon Chase

Is Enough Enough? • HUGH FARMAR

J. K. Galbraith, The Affluent Society

A Splendid Attitude to Death • CHRISTOPHER ROBBINS

Edith Sitwell, English Eccentrics

Aunty May’s Footsteps • JOHN SHEPPARD

Robert Bridges (ed.), The Spirit of Man


Janet Evanovich, The Stephanie Plum series


Geoffrey Gorer, Africa Dances

Sharp Observations • PAUL ROUTLEDGE

On the diaries of Robert Sharp

Farmer George • CHRIS STEWART

George Henderson, The Farming Ladder; Farmer’s Progress: A Guide to Farming

Romantic but True • JESSICA MANN

Annemarie Selinko, Désirée


Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, The Yearling; Cross Creek

Shelves of My Life • ROBIN KNIGHT

On books about Russia

About Slightly Foxed

The independent-minded quarterly that combines good looks, good writing and a personal approach. Slightly Foxed introduces its readers to books that are no longer new and fashionable but have lasting appeal. Good-humoured, unpretentious and a bit eccentric, it’s more like a well-read friend than a literary magazine. Read more about Slightly Foxed.

Slightly Foxed Issue 25: From the Editors

Now the Christmas rush is over and spring is in the air, it’s all paint charts and carpet samples at Slightly Foxed. The bookshop facelift is under way, and after dealing with urgent matters like...

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A Date with Iris

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Beginning in Gladness

Though I’ve long been familiar with Ted Walker’s poems, until recently I had not read The High Path, his wonderful memoir of childhood. I came to it not only with the curiosity of a fellow poet,...

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In Italy’s Dark Heart

On a motorbike ride across southern Italy in the Sixties, I stopped at an outdoor café in a hilltop village somewhere in the middle of Basilicata. A group of men and boys gathered a few yards away...

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Spotting a Masterpiece

In 1960, when motoring for the masses was still in its infancy, I was a car-besotted 10-year-old. I liked the hand-smoothed gloss of fine coachwork, the rough heat of a flint-spiked tyre, and even...

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By Folly Brook

Time is linear. One thing happens, then another, then another. But while time itself may be linear, our memory of it is not. Of course we can order our memories in a linear, sort-by-date, fashion,...

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Is Enough Enough?

If you feel troubled by society’s fixation on producing more and more stuff regardless of whether we need it, then The Affluent Society may offer some comfort. If you also labour in a dull job that...

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A Splendid Attitude to Death

‘Eccentricity’, wrote Edith Sitwell, ‘exists particularly in the English, and partly, I think, because of that peculiar and satisfactory knowledge of infallibility that is the hallmark and...

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Plum Perfect

When I was 18 my heart was broken for the first time, by a boy so wonderful that even my mother loved him. Only one thing stopped me crying and blotted out the pain and the thought of Him – reading...

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Two Men in a Pontiac

Anyone who has given the British Museum’s Sainsbury Gallery of African Art anything more than a very brief visit (in and out to gawk at the Benin bronzes) will surely have admired the extent to...

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Sharp Observations

Deep in the archives of the municipal Treasure House in Beverley lies a cloth-bound volume of handwritten diaries, the work of Robert Sharp, schoolmaster, village constable, shopkeeper and...

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Farmer George

Back in the Seventies I fell under the spell of farming. On those long, lonely agricultural nights I would pore for entertainment over weed identification charts, tractor maintenance manuals and...

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Romantic but True

Back in pre-WAG days, when teenaged girls’ fantasies could be expressed by the song, ‘Some day my prince will come’, I read and reread the perfect wish-fulfilment tale. Annemarie Selinko’s...

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Lost Horizon

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings had her first glimpse of Florida in March 1928, aboard a steamer at the mouth of the St Johns River. It was love at first sight, which really can happen with people and...

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Shelves of My Life

There is a long shelf in our house with 66 books on it. Nothing unusual about that. But every one of these books has a powerful story to tell. Every one contains a memory. They speak to me on those...

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